Ostello San Nicola
Via Matteotti, 1-04013 Sermoneta (LT)Italia
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Ostello San Nicola
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San Nicola hostel

The hostel is a restored convent, one of the oldest in Central Italy, dating back to 1248 or earlier when it was a Benedictine priory and guesthouse for travelling pilgrims to Rome and Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Over the years it has undergone many changes, becoming a Franciscan abbey and then a military hospital.  The original gothic church remains, although this was also changed to represent a more baroque style, and frescoes from this period can still be seen.  The deconsecrated church is now used for cultural activities and relaxation.
Our hostel is situated within the old city walls of the town in a very panoramic position.  From the walled garden you can enjoy a view of the Pontine plain, the sea and the mythical promontory of Circeo.  Recent restoration has tried to keep the original character of a guesthouse for travellers and pilgrims.





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